Top Tips to Curb your Appetite to lose Weight for this summer.

How To Curb Your Appetite For Fat Loss! Fit In Your Spring Dresses!

How are you enjoying spring so far? Have you visited farmer’s markets already? Enjoyed trips to gardens and parks? I bet you looked wonderful in your spring dresses.

But wait, what if you have packed on some pounds during the winter season and you are now unable to fit in your spring dresses? Don’t let those dresses and this season go to waste. Lose some fats!

The first step to losing weight is by curbing your appetite. If you still gorge on huge portions of food every meal and then binge on unhealthy snacks, you will never lose weight. The trick there is learning how to satiate your appetite and curb it when cravings attack.

Here’s how:

1. Include healthy proteins for your breakfast.

I’m sure you have heard this before but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is it important? It jump starts your metabolism, which have slowed down when you slept and went without food for hours. This can actually make or break how much calorie your body will burn the rest of the day.

Why proteins for breakfast? Because proteins keep you full for a longer period of time. Unlike carbohydrates-laden foods like bread or cereal, they keep you full easily but will not sustain that feeling for a long time. This can cause you to be hungry later in the morning.

Eggs are your best choice. Second best could be a green smoothie made with hemp protein or a fruit smoothie fortified with natural whey protein.
A third protein option for breakfast could be raw nuts and natural turkey bacon.

2. Eat foods rich in oleic acid to curb your appetite.

Oleic acid is your best friend. This is the type of acid that tricks the brain into thinking the stomach is full. The good news is, oleic acid is found in many healthy foods. You can find it in peanut butter, olive oil and nuts. Avocado is also rich in this nutrient.

Whip up a whole wheat peanut butter 1/2 sandwich (Ezekeil Bread) or place raw nut butter on a brown rice cake for a snack or make a salad with avocados and olive oil dressing. Snack on roasted nuts too for a quick way of sating your hunger.

3. Drink cold water to curb your appetite.

It’s not hunger. It’s probably thirst. Try drinking a glass of water first and see if this doesn’t keep your mind away from food for a couple more hours. Drink it cold. According to studies, cold water gets burned slower so you are less likely to go hungry easily. Water makes up much of your body composition so doesn’t it make sense to give your cells plenty of water, pure water!

4. Brush your teeth to curb your appetite.

This actually tricks the brain into thinking that it has already finished eating. Besides, you wouldn’t like to eat if your breath tastes like mint. It tends to make other foods taste bitter. Aside from brushing your teeth, you can also nibble on mint leaves or eat low-sugar mint breath fresheners.

So what do you think ladies? Care to try these quick appetite-suppressant solutions?  Well, give them a try as you have nothing to lose but extra calories which will lead to extra weight :)

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