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What is the BEST Workout app and the Top Diet app on itunes?

The Itunes store has many health and fitness apps. Finding the best workout app can be a task. Fitgirl app is the best workout app on the itunes store. Continue reading

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5 Foods for Weight Loss – Why Aren’t You Eating Them?

5 Foods for Weight Loss – Why Aren’t You Eating Them?

Losing weight is definitely part diet and part exercise. There’s no getting one out of the equation, else you won’t get a long-term, satisfactory result. Many people waste so much time on fad diets and get frustrated by their temporary results. The first step to shedding off that excess weight and keeping it at bay is changing your eating habits. Make better food decisions and portion control
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What is the Best Diet to get Skinny Fast?

The best diets to get skinny fast are the ones that use real food that’s healthy, lean, natural and low calorie. A detox diet that cleanses your body in combination of a fitness and cardio workout is the best way to lose weight fast and safely. Getting skinny is just an upside. Feeling healthy, energized and eating a realistic food plan is best. Continue reading

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