Girls Fitness Workouts that help to burn fat and lose weight, fast.

Girls Fitness – Which Exercises Work?  

We, women, have a lot of exercise woes. With most of us juggling our career, family and social lives, we have zero time for physical fitness activities. And then there are also the monthly woes. PMS can easily put you in an ice cream-binging mode. In the same way, women over 40 who are under the menopausal stage can feel just as unmotivated. Menopausal can deplete your energy, thereby making exercise seem like a monumental task.

But despite all of these woes, many have still found a way to squeeze in workout to improve their physique. Celebrities have done it. But celebrities have an army of fitness trainers who will come to their aid when they are needed. We normal women don’t.

Here’s the good news. There are now great health and fitness apps on itunes that are tailor-fitted for women who are always on the go, constantly busy and who can’t be bothered to go to the gym. One such application is the Fit Girl app. This iPhone app has been designed to help women do the best workout exercises to lose weight fast, at home, without buying expensive workout gadgets.  These girl fit workouts let the user use their own body to get tone, fit and slim.  These best workouts for women can be done at home, travel, outside , the gym and work.

The health and fitness iapp contains cardiovascular exercises and resistance training exercises divided into three levels of difficulty (flame, fire and torch being the most difficult).  That means you can start at the easiest level and work your way to the more difficult level.

Are you ready to get a sculpted body and six pack abs?  Of course you are.  What women doesn’t want to get fit fast and look fantastic.  Getting fit is not easy but these easy to follow workouts are a great blueprint to a slim waist and a fit body.

So which girls fitness exercises were included and how do they work?

Girls Fitness Exercises: Cardio Boxing

Performing intense cardio sessions is the best way to burn calories on a limited time schedule.  These intense workouts increase the oxygen levels quickly which makes the fat burning process more efficient. The fats are burned into energy so you feel hyper after your workout. Aside from that, cardio boxing is great because it helps promote coordination. We all know how little sitting in front of the computer does to coordination. And when you are stuck in your work cubicle for the better part of the day, your coordination probably needs a bit of improvement.  Cardio boxing workouts help women stay fit and relieve stress from being a mom, mate and worker.  Punch, weave, slip and perform best workouts just like a pro-fighter without being punched.  Get into fighting shape and get a flat tummy, tone arms and thin.

Cardio boxing also improves strength, stamina and speed. With this, you can do your hundreds or so of duties as a working mom.

Girls Fitness Exercises: Bootcamp Workouts

It sounds extreme but if you are in desperate need of a training tool for weight loss, this kind of workout is for you. What is great about bootcamp workouts is that every part of the body is focused on. If you have different areas of concern (your legs, thighs, arms, tummy and bum, for instance), you can benefit a lot from intense bootcamp workouts. Bootcamp workouts have also been designed to incinerate more calories in the body.   Skip, mountain climbers, sprints, birpies, jumping squats, jumping, ladder workouts, hill sprints, bleacher workouts, outside workouts, running , jogging, power walking, athletic workouts, side shuffle, the exercise list goes on for weight loss.

Girls Fitness Exercises: Body Focus Training


These are resistance workouts that will target the problem areas of your body. If you have a specific area of your body that requires toning, zero in on the body focus training part of the fitgirl app.   Slender legs, tight tummy, firm butt, sculpted arms strong core…all of these focus areas for girls can be achieved with the BEST Workout app on itunes called The Fitgirl App.

Aside from girls fitness workouts, these applications also include diet programs. That’s like having a workout trainer and a nutritionist in one program. You will be taken into a step-by-step program on how to shed off that weight.

Depending on your skill level, you can start from the easiest and progress to the advanced stage. There’s no competition. You are not forced to be like all the other fit people you might encounter in a gym. So if you are feeling lousy about yourself and you are unmotivated by others, having an app like this is a great way to shake out of your stupor. No pressure.

Also, since these programs are created for girls, you don’t have to worry about developing bulky muscles or gaining a man’s physique. That’s always a worry for me whenever I’m trying out new workout routines. Huge sigh of relief!

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