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What is the Fitgirl App?
The Fitgirlapp is an all in one workout app, just for women. Doug Bennett, one of Americas’ Top Trainers,  has taken his 28 years as a personal trainer and has put together some of the most challenging workouts that have helped thousands of women lose 10 to 100 pounds plus. This app puts together an array of training sessions that create complete muscle confusion to make big changes in one physique, fast. Not only does the Fitgirl app help you lose inches, drop weight and burn fat, but it also teaches you the correct form for each and every exercise any women would ever need to get the ultimate physique.

What are the workouts included on the Fitgirl App? 

Over 100 fatburning workouts including:

  1. Cardio Boxing: get in shape with Americas new workout craze, boxing for girls! Doug Bennett, master trainer and boxing coach, has designed each cardio boxing workout to give you a heart pounding, calorie burning boxing session while learning the proper boxing technique. He is a real boxer, who sparrs some of the top pros to help them get into shape for their upcoming fights. These workouts are girl proven to be fun and challenging.  The boxing girl performing the techniques is a 2x golden gloves boxing champion, national karate champion and ringside world boxing champion.
  2. Body Burn workouts: these workouts target your specific body part you’d like to transform. The Fitgirl App promises to be one of the most challenging and effective training apps in the history of any app. Try any one of the workouts that are included for a firm butt, tight thighs, lean arms or a flat belly. All the workouts for women will not only tone your body but will get you strong and fit.
  3. Athletic Girl Workouts: Doug Bennett, former Division 1A wrestled for Clemson University has designed workouts for girls that they can perform outside anywhere. All you’ll need is the inspiration to get super fit, the Fitgirlapp and a open space to perform these high intensity workouts that literally ignite calories. College girls, former women athletes or anyone who wants to train like an athlete will love these workouts. Sprinting, 300 yard shuttles, Figure 8, dashes, lateral side shuffle, ladder drills, hill sprints, plyometrics…its all here.
  4. Boot Camp Babe Workouts: Do you like boot camp workouts? You’ll love these. Use your own body and burn calories while toning not bulking. Mountain Climbers, sprints, skips, jump rope, birpies, push ups, bleacher drills, plyometrics, pilates, yoga, boxing, ladder, hurtles, are only a few of the exercises that make up these boot camp workouts.
  5. Flat Abs only workouts: Learn more flat belly exercises than you’ll ever need. All of the ab routines are scientifically created to give you a flat, defined tummy.

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What type of diet is included on the Fitgirlapp?

There are 2 zap the fat diets included on the Fitgirlapp.  Each diet has a premise of all natural, unalderated foods that are void of chemicals, toxins, GMOS, preservatives, processed ingredients and  bad fats.

1. The Fast Fit Diet: is a bottom line diet that gives you a fast and easy way to lose weight without the problem of thinking too much about what you’ll eat with each meal.  It cuts to the chase and tells you exactly what to eat to lose weight and get lean.  It gives you all the good fats, proteins and carbs to select from for each day.

2. The Go Green Diet:  is void of red meat, acidic foods and chemicals.  The Go Green Diet shows you how to incorporate an almost raw based, natural diet into your daily regimen.  This diet will empower you to take control of your body.

Both Fitgirlapp Diets will get your lean, healthy and bouncing with energy.

How is the Fitgirlapp different than all other workout apps?

  • First, it has more workouts in one app than any app on the market.  More than 100 expert workouts that really work.  These aren’t just exercises thrown together.
  • Second, each and every workout will transform your body by combining both cardio and resistance in the perfect sequence.  Unlike just an aerobic app, this app works to transform your shape for the long term.
  • Third, the Fitgirlapp teaches your perfect form in each exercise with a detailed description and video. You’ll never have to ask a trainer how to perform an exercise.
  • Fourth, Fitgirlapp is the only app that includes athletic workouts, cardio boxing and resistant workouts that are  proven to work.  No app shows you the real way to throw a hook, right hand, weave, 300 yard shuttle and so much more.  Fitgirl app is the only app for women that does all the above.
  • Fifth, each workout burns calories with power tips to make exercises more challenging (represented by a star) and metabolic burners (represented by a “MB” symbol.)

Most apps and workout videos show you the incorrect boxing form and teach you how to just perform a bunch of wrong arm throwing moves in the air.

How much does the Fitgirlapp cost?

Unlike other apps like the  P90X app , the Daily Workout app, etc.. the Fitgirl app charges you just $1.99 for more than 100 workouts.  It’s really like having 5 apps in one.  Doug Bennett, decided to give every girl 500x the value with this app in the hopes that he could prove that for less than a candy bar he could change the health of thousands of women.

Does the Fitgirl App include exercise videos?

Yes!  Each exercise has a very detailed descriptive methodology, like no other app, plus a video.  The user taps the exercise and both the video and the very detailed exercise descriptive methodology is shown on the screen.  You’ll never have to ask a fitness trainer how to perform an exercise again.

Download Fitgirlapp today and experience the best workout app on the market !  :)


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