7 Sure Fire Ways to get slim, fast!

7 Proven Methods You Should Do  To Get Slim, fast  !

Slimming down and getting your weight down to your desired one can be a tedious and painstaking process. Been there, done that. It’s easy to lose your control over food and go back to your old habits.

They say that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. So if you want to slim down, lose weight, get a flat tummy  and keep your desired weight forever, make sure you try these ways to get slim for 21 days.

Ways To Get Slim 1: Drink water first thing in the morning.

You might have heard of this before and wondered how it can possible aid in weight loss. Water helps flush out toxins in the stomach. It also curbs your initial morning appetite. This prevents you from eating a hefty portion of your breakfast.

Water also jump starts body circulation so you are less likely to feel fatigued in the morning. People often mistake fatigue for hunger so they turn to food for extra energy.

Ways To Get Slim 2: Eat your breakfast.

While we are on the subject of breakfast, make sure you eat it and not skip it. Skipping it causes your body to go out of sync. It also slows down your metabolism, making you a lot hungrier later in the day. Filling your tummy with food in the morning is one way of curbing your appetite later and ensuring that you have the energy to function well during the day.

Ways To Get Slim 3: Do 40 minutes of cardiovascular activities daily.

Sparing at least 40 minutes of your time daily to do physical fitness activities help a great deal. Cardiovascular activities boost immune functions, promote strong skeletal health and support your respiratory system, all that while being beneficial to the heart and to weight management.

If you are busy, squeeze in some cardio activities. Take the stairs or bike to work. Instead of taking the bus to a nearby grocery, walk or jog. While watching TV, jog in place. There’s a multitude of things you can do to insert cardio activities in your routine.

Ways To Get Slim 4: Eat 5-7 small meals instead of 3 big ones.

5 small meals a day keeps your body and metabolism revved up. This will ensure that your body is working all the time in burning fats, carbs and calories. Cut down your main meal portions but include snacks in between.

Ways To Get Slim 5: Snack on nuts and fruits.

One of the things that contribute to weight gain is snacking on junk food. Too much sodium or sweets can cause obesity. But these foods are so handy and accessible so many of us just rely on them for extra energy source or to temporarily fill our tummy.

Make a conscious effort to prepare healthier snacks. Take a box of roasted nuts to work and eat that when you feel hungry. Prepare sliced fruits and place them in a container so you can eat them when you need sustenance.

Ways To Get Slim 6: Eat Apples & Drink Green Tea instead of coffee.

Did you now that apples have as much power to keep you awake as coffee? But unlike coffee, apples do not cause the “crash” side effects. Moreover, apples are more appetite-satisfying. They even help promote good digestion.

Ways To Get Slim 7: Download the best workout apps.

If you own a smartphone, take advantage of the numerous workout apps available today on Itunes. These applications help nudge you in the right fitness direction. FitGirl app, for instance, contains over 60 exercises tailor-fitted for the needs of women. These exercises range from easy, intermediate and advanced exercises so you can progress to more difficult routines when your body is ready. It is like a personal trainer you can take with you anywhere you go! Like the P90X workouts without the high cost, the Fitgirl App keeps your heart rate high and makes significant changes in your appearance, health and fitness.

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