5 Top Tips To Lose Weight Easy and Fast!

Lose Weight Fast with the 5 Top Diet and Weight Loss tips.

Many people, in their path to lose weight fast, succumb to unhealthy diets that do nothing to promote a good lifestyle or good nutritional fortification. Unless you want to end up with poor eating habits and possible increase in weight gain once you’re done using the fad diet, you’re better off sticking to a sound, whole foods diet plan that’s gluten free and full of veggies, lean protein sources and fruits.

But while there is no short cut to losing weight the right way, there are a couple of things you can do for easier and faster weight loss. Now is the best time to learn some of them.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast #1: Lower your sodium, salt and alcohol intake.

One of the reasons why you can’t fit in your skinny jeans or why your skin looks and feels puffy is because of salt and sodium. They are two culprits to bloating. They hold on to water molecules, thereby preventing water from being excreted through urine or sweat.

Cut back on salt and sodium intake. That means limiting your intake of potato chips, sea salt, pizza, fries and just about anything that has a hefty amount of salt and sodium in it.  Unfortunately, your local mom and pop restaurants are usually full of hidden salts and that goes for even those so called, “ health foods to go!”  Most cooks don’t get the concept of wholefoods.  Please note, don’t be fooled by the to go foods at your natural food grocer, like, “Whole Foods”.  Although they don’t cook with preservatives, chemicals…etc.  They have foods that have lots of salt like cheese, salad dressings, sea salt and canned tomatoes. Your best bet is to cook your own foods at home.  Simple, clean foods like lean proteins with your own spices, herbs and dash of salt will save you a bloated tummy.

Bloat Tip: drink lots of water, eat foods full of water like watermelon, melon etc.., drink teas like green tea, and perform activities that make you sweat!

Alcohol is another culprit. Chugging in bottles of beer every week not only damages your liver but also adds bulk to your tummy. So do yourself a favor and lessen your alcohol intake. Alcohol, has lots of hidden sugars!

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast #2: Cut your food portions in half.

Even Angelina Jolie swears by this method. This way, you are not depriving yourself of the usual stuff you are eating but you are merely lessening your food intake. In addition to that, increase the amount of fruits and high-fiber foods on your plate. Fruits satiate your appetite and give you the nutrients you need. By the time you get to the meat, you no longer need to eat a hefty amount of it to feel full.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast #3: Keep your metabolism running with small meals.

Don’t go without food for a prolonged period of time as this will undoubtedly slow down your metabolism. A fast metabolism is what you need to ensure that the fats and calories you are ingesting will be burned.

After cutting down main meals in half, add a snack in between to keep you full. Snack on a cup of berries or almond nuts. Eat a bowl of steamed veggies or eat a greek yogurt.

Best is to figure out how many calories your body needs to lose  weight and divide by 3-6.   Most common calorie intake for losing weight is 1200.  So, eat 200-400 calories every 2-3 hours.  Micromeals.

Meal 1: hard-boiled egg, orange

Meal 2: ½ cup raw nuts, celery

Meal 3: kale/spinach salad, 3 ounces tuna, hard boiled egg, tbsp.. olive oil

Meal 4: ½ cup cottage cheese

Meal 5: green smoothie

Meal 6: fruit

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast #4: Recruit friends who will go on a diet with you.

Did you know that the people around you are detrimental to your eating habits? If you are surrounded with people who eat red meat like there’s no tomorrow, chances are, you will fall into the same habits as them. They make you forget your goals and motivations.

Talk to your friends and family about your plans of losing weight. If they will not join you, at least they will know not to tempt you with the foods you are avoiding.

Also, having a workout buddy helps in keeping you motivated. You can inspire each other and force the other to workout when the other is feeling lazy.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast #5: Have a diet that’s low in starches, gluten free and the best workout app downloaded on your phone.

It’s easier to lose weight if you are keeping track of your progress. This is why diet and work out apps like Happy Girl Cleansing Diet app and FitGirl app help immensely. Happy Girl Cleansing Diet app and Fitgirl app both give you diets that are gluten free, low in starch, moderate in lean protein and high in organic fruits and veggies.

Happy Girl Cleansing Diet Iapp gives you a complete detox diet that outlines each day step by step to a fit, lean and healthy you in 21 days.  Get lean in 21 days with this best diet and workout app on itunes and now created for the android.  The best version is the ipad app version because you can follow its fit girl health an fitness programs that coincide each day with the cleaning diet.

The Happy Girl Cleansing Diet Includes:

  • Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Organic Fruit Smoothie Recipes
  • Healthy and Fast Food Recipes
  • Yummy Soup and Salad Recipes
  • Complete 21 day Cardio and Calorie burning fitness Program for women.
  • Complete 21 day Exercise, Fat Burning Program for women.
  • Library of each and every exercise and a detailed description.
  • Detailed Shopping List for each phase of the diet.
  • Best food Brands to Lose Weight Fast

The Happy Girl Cleansing Diet is truly the best Detox and Cleansing App on Itunes.

FitGirl app is the most girl specific app that gives you complete instruction to get fit and skinny fast. This application has been designed to help girls achieve their desired body shape without following a generic work out routine that are usually designed for men.

Fitgirl App provides 2 diets, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, that will both lead to a flatter tummy, sculpted arms and skinny legs.  Fit into your skinny jeans by following the best workout app for girls on itunes, the Fitgirl app.


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