5 tips to buy the Best Workout App!

What To Look For In The Best Workout App

Are you frustrated with working out but still can’t lose weight? You’ve tried everything to lose that last 10 pounds. There’s only one problem standing in your way: you don’t know where and how to start. Fret no more! There’s an easier way to workout now for less money and at your convenience of your own home.

Enter workout apps. Fitness apps have sprouted like mushrooms in the past few years. Thanks to the influx of smartphones. Now, even common people who can’t afford a gym membership or personal trainer can train under a pro for a cent on the dollar!

Some smartphone applications are for free while others come with a price. Whatever you do, make sure you are really looking for the best fitness iapp that you can commit to and will produce the best weight loss results. Review the users comments, look at the screen shots and google its name (and money if you are buying the app!).

1. Learn everything about the app.

Don’t just download because it said it is the best workout app in existence today or because your best friend downloaded it. Find out more about the program by reading its description, learning about its goals, and finding out what methods the app uses to lose weight.

A good workout app should contain a series of cardiovascular exercises that will quickly burn fat and rev up metabolism. It should also contain exercises that can improve both your agility, endurance and muscle tone. That said, you might want to look for a fitness application that includes resistance training and cardiovascular exercises much like the Fitgirl App.  The Fitgirl App is like P90X without the high cost but is specific for girls to get fit, fast.  Don’t believe it.  Fitgirl App challenges you to workout on the torch level for one week and then train using the P90X Fitness App.  See for yourself.  The Fitgirl App is the most challenging, diversified, fit girl app on the market.  Burn fat, get tone, become energized and most importantly, improve your health.

2. It doesn’t promise overnight results.

If you want to lose weight, you have to work hard for it. A good app bases their routines on these realistic standards and won’t give you empty promises. If you see easy workout routines and fad diets, steer clear.  The Fitgirl App gives you a great, realistic easy to follow diet for meat lovers and vegetarians.

3. The Best Workout App has to be tailor-fitted to your needs.

So what exactly do you need in a fitness app? Which parts of your body do you want to slim down? Are you looking for more muscles or do you just want to get toned?

Women, particularly, are mainly looking for exercise programs that can help get rid of tummy, thigh and arm fats. The best workout app is the one that contains exercises for these areas of the body. Women aren’t that predisposed to muscles but if you don’t want to bulk up because of too much training, you’d want exercises that only define and tone.  The Fitgirl App will give you an easy way to get a six pack as well as tight thighs and sculpted arms.

4. Find an application that will start with easy, doable exercises and will progress to more challenging ones.

There’s nothing more off-putting than an exercise program that immediately burns you out. You’d want to be motivated to exercise, not be demeaned by your inability to carry out the exercise plans. That said, an exercise app that starts with simple routines and will work to more difficult routines should be found. There should be a program for beginner, intermediate and advanced. This also allows you to keep track of your progress.

5. Look for the best workout app that has variety.

Doing the same workout all the time can get really dull. If you want to keep your motivation running, make sure the app you are using consists of a variety of exercises. It should include cardio activities as well as body weight exercises like squats and push ups.

Make sure that these varieties can also be easily done. No need to invest on equipments. No need to go out of the house. This way, you can use the app no matter where you are.   The Fitgirl App is great for women who want to lose weight, travel, athletic, work and stay at home.  The Fitgirl app has cardio boxing, athletic & agility workouts, body resistance workouts, cardiovascular workouts, girls fitness workouts, leg workouts, arm workouts, stomach workouts, core workouts, running workouts and many more workouts for ladies.

6. Check the reviews to find the best workout app.

The easiest way to find out if the app is really the best workout app there is today is to read the reviews. Are the users satisfied? Did it garner 5 stars from many of the users?

Some of the fitness applications you should consider using are FitGirl app and Happy Girl Cleansing Diet. These applications are all-in applications and contain exercises designed for women.



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